Shopping for fashion


Stockholm is worth visiting for the shopping alone. Swedish fashion and design brands are all the rage at the moment and where better to shop for them than in the city where most are based? The majority of shops are within walking distance in the compact and cozy city center and almost all have generous opening hours, including Sunday opening.

Downtown shopping

This is where you find the department stores, the clothing chains and most of Stockholm’s bigger brands. In general, the shopping in downtown is more affordable and geared towards the young and trendy.

The city’s most affluent shopping district and home to exclusive international labels, side by side with smaller boutiques and high-class Scandinavian design in fashion and decor. No shortage of exclusive goods here.

Wedged between downtown and Östermalm, Biblioteksstan (Librarytown) is home to many of the new Swedish fashion brands such as Acne, Whyred, Hope, and Byredo as well as top international brands like COS and Marc Jacobs.

Eclectic and cozy are two words that pop up when describing the shopping in Södermalm. A great mix of unusual, interesting and contemporary boutiques for fashion, design, interior décor and vintage.

Bohemian SoFo
The very popular blocks South of Folkungagatan are home to some of the most creative boutiques in town, offering everything from quirky to trendy. The whole neighborhood is buzzing and new cafés and restaurants pop up on almost a daily basis. 

Swedish brands
You’ve heard of IKEA and H&M, but there are many more Swedish brands making it big on the international scene. Many of them have their flagship stores in Stockholm, so why not take the opportunity to discover Swedish fashion in its natural habitat.


Taxfree: All non-EU residents are eligible for tax free shopping. Make sure to get a tax refund check at the store and then visit the Global Blu counter at the airport for the refund. Look for the international tax free sign on the store window for affiliated stores.