Blue Stockholm

Stockholm is built on 14 islands, scattered like green gems in water so clean you can go swimming in the city center.

The ever-present blue water is also what defines and sets Stockholm apart. The residents live with and on the water and take every opportunity to play and take advantage of it. Why not try kayaking in the city, discovering your own little islet in the archipelago or enjoy dinner on a steamboat?

In the summer, people go swimming in the tepid water and in wintertime, the locals strap on their skates and zoom about on the ice, some all the way out through the archipelago. And don’t be surprised if you see people landing fish like salmon and trout in downtown Stockholm!

Boats and sea vessels of all kinds play an essential role in Stockholm, be it a sleek canoe for exercise purposes or a ferry for commuting to work. Don’t miss going on a sightseeing boat. It’s an experience to treasure.