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Stockholm for children

Stockholm is one of the select few capitals where children have as good a time as their parents. It’s clean and safe and has lots of attractions geared towards families. There are no long distances to cover and the public transportation system (including boats and trams) takes you everywhere you want to go. If you don’t choose to go by foot that is.

The best place to start is the picturesque island of Djurgården where you find kids’ favorites like Skansen, the worlds first open-air museum (complete with a zoo) and Junibacken, where kids can get acquainted with Pippi Longstocking, Carlsson on the roof and the rest of Astrid Lindgren’s world famous story-book characters. Nearby is Aquaria, Stockholm’s water museum/aquarium and the amusement park Gröna Lund which is also a popular venue for concerts during the summer. For an exciting journey from the infancy of industry to grand visions for the future, please proceed to Tekniska Museet (the National Museum of Science and Technology), which is within walking distance.
Tom Tits Experiment in Södertälje south of Stockholm is another popular attraction for kids (and playful adults) where you can experiment with water, air, light, sound and speed in an interactive way.

And lets not forget the water that is everywhere in Stockholm. In summertime you can swim in it and during wintertime you can strap on a pair of skates or skis and make it a day out on the ice.